A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

- Story -

Business owner Mr. Granderson is tired of superheroes standing on the roof of his building, watching over the city. In frustration, he creates a hero-elimination dungeon to trap them and seek his revenge.

You play The Man in the Cape, an unlucky "superhero" who becomes trapped in Mr. Granderson's dungeon. It is up to you to fight Granderson's hordes of nanotech creatures and bring him to justice!!! Progress, room by room, fighting an increasingly challenging army of superhero-hating henchmen!

You must escape, because your city needs you!

- Features -

  • Over 55 rooms of intense single-player survival action!
  • Pit yourself against 20+ different enemies, such as robots, tanks, and deformed superheroes!
  • Daunting boss battles!
  • Utilize weapons like the Rocket Launcher and Flame Thrower against Mr. Granderson's army!
  • Collect treasure drops to purchase unlocks to strengthen The Man in the Cape!
  • Find enemies to unlock in the Enemy Gallery!
  • Explore the limits of your intestinal fortitude in Hardcore Mode!
  • Experience an eclectic soundtrack while you shoot anything that moves.
  • DRM Free.

- System Requirements-

Windows XP SP2+/Vista/7 or Ubuntu Linux, 1.8 Ghz CPU w/ SSE, 512MB RAM, 100MB Free Hard Disk Space, OpenGL 1.1 Compatible Video Card

More information

Published2 years ago
PlatformsWindows, Linux
TagsAction, dungeon, run-and-gun, Shooter, stick-figure, twitch
Player countSingleplayer

Install instructions


Windows users should run CapeManConfig.exe to configure their video, sound, and key bind settings.

To run the game, run CapeMan.exe

Linux (Ubuntu Recommended)

The Man in the Cape's Linux binary was compiled and tested under Ubuntu Linux 12.04. It may run under similar distributions of Linux, though it is not guaranteed. Check your distro's repository for comparable dependencies.

To run The Man in the Cape under Ubuntu Linux, you need to run the CapeManLinux (CapeManLinux64 for Linux 64-bit) binary. If the file does not run, you may need to set the file to run as an executable.

The Man in the Cape depends on a few repository packages which can be obtained through the Ubuntu Repository (universe).

  • libsfml-graphics1.6 (& dependencies)
  • libsfml-audio1.6 (& dependencies)
  • libphysfs1 (& dependencies)

At the terminal, executing the following should get you everything you need to play:

  • sudo apt-get install libsfml-graphics1.6
  • sudo apt-get install libsfml-audio1.6
  • sudo apt-get install libphysfs1
  • sudo apt-get install ia32-libs (for Ubuntu 64-bit)

Config.txt and binds.txt are used to set the video/volume settings and key binds respectively.


  • mode: Used to set your in-game resolution.
  • fullscreen: 0 starts the game in a window, 1 maximizes it to fit your screen.
  • volume/mvolume: These settings set the sound volume and music volume respectively.


To configure key binds, type in the bind code after the equal sign (=) for each entry and save.

The supported key notations are:
a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, o, p, q, r, s, t, u, v, w, x, y, z, 0 ,1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0, esc, lcontrol, lshift, lalt, lsystem, rcontrol, rshift, ralt, rsystem, lbracket, rbracket, rsystem, semicolon, comma, period, quote, slash, backslash, tilde, menu, equal, dash, pause, space, return, back, tab, pageup, pagedown, numpad0, numpad1, numpad2, numpad3, numpad4, numpad5, numpad6, numpad7, numpad8, numpad9.

The supported pad buttons are:
0 through 32,

The supported axis notations are:
axisr, axisu, axisv, axisx, axisy, axisz.

For the axis, you must input the same axis notation for the each axis.

If you want up and down to be axisr, then you would set:



v1.1.07-themaninthecape.zip (61 MB)